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quailitarian's Journal

Odontophorivores Unite
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This community was created to monitor and record a quail eating contest which took place between knick_knack and dudeuhman in the month of august.

The contest was inspired by a nearly identical contest that was discussed on the craigslist food forum, a month prior.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

1. The contest will be between knick_knack and dudeuhman

2. knick_knack begins the contest begins at midnight, August 1st, and ends no more than thirty one days later at midnight, September 1st. dudeuhman begins the contest at midnight, August 4th, and ends no more than thirty one days later at midnight, September 4th.

3. The first contestant to break any regulation is declared loser of the contest. If the other contestant can last 24 more hours longer than the first contestant's record, then the second contestant is declared winner.

4. If no regulations have been broken by either contestant after each contestant's thirty one days, then the contest is terminated, both contestants being declared winner.

5. Each contestant is allowed one quail (meat, skin, and carcass), per day, to do with as he pleases.

6. The only beverages allowed are water, unsweetened tea (no milk, creamers, etc), and/or broth made from that day's quail bones.

7. A moderate amount of stuffing (ie aromatics) or sauce (not to exceed 1/4 cup) is allowed, but it may only be used for flavor purposes, not as a conscious attempt to cram extra calories into a meal.

8. If a contestant involuntarily abuses the stuffing/sauce privilege, they are required to bake the next day's quail, with no additional ingredients.

9. Each contestant is required to post the ingredients (with their approximate amounts), preparation methods, etc of each day’s meal(s) in their online diary.

10. The loser of the contest is obligated to reimburse the winner the money that he spends on quail (and only on quail) (provided that the winner saves all receipts)

11. Vitamin supplements are allowed, as long as they dont provide significant caloric benefit.

12. This list is by no means absolute, and any number of new terms may be added, provided that they're approved by both contestants.